Framandi Alliance by Rashid Ahmed

Told from a third-generation, quantum processing, independent AI’s perspective, Framandi Alliance skips along at a brisk pace after an elaborate prologue about the beginnings of Lýsi, a secretive adhocratic global ‘think & do’ tank. Set up soon after WW2 to solve the world’s wicked problems, Lýsi had identified global catastrophic risk in its various forms […]

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Childhood’s End book review

If aliens would come to Earth to unify the human race and teach us how to create better technologies, would they be doing this for us or for them? Childhood’s End was written by the British author Arthur C. Clarke, a legend amongst the science fiction writing community. The book was first published in 1953 […]

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Intelligence Block by Kit Falbo

If technology has advanced so far that it is indistinguishable from magic wouldn’t you want to use it to do something magical? That idea built the framework for my book, Intelligence Block. A universe where performers do just that in order to entertain, compete, and explore how far they can take their art. With that […]

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Carnival Panic by Catori Sarmiento

Carnival Panic, now on the shortlist for the Drunken Druid International Book Award, is a science fiction horror/thriller novel which follows contestants as they compete in the Carnival Panic game show, a ruthless competition that tests the chosen competitors with mental and physical struggles. In order to claim the substantial monetary prize, each character must […]

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Hard Right by B.C Bamber

The year is 1,000,342. Humanity is spread throughout the galaxy on 8 colonies, all ruled by a dynastic royal family. Two of the colonies are looking for independence and the current Emperor doesn’t want war. But his son Prince Zarka has other ideas. Don Jackson 09823 works for Cleaner Corp; a much-feared unofficial arm of […]

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Dun Ringill by David Kantrowitz

Thank you to Warp Speed Odyssey for featuring my latest novel, Dun Ringill.  The inspiration for this book was twofold.  First, as a longtime fan of the classic sci-fi novel Roadside Picnic, and the Stalker series of video games that the book inspired, I felt compelled to channel the unique feeling that these worlds imparted […]

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