The Big Space Travel (1975)

The Soviets were the first to put a woman in space, should we also be sending children? Three kids set off on a life changing adventure to the stars and have to work together to make the mission a success. The adult captain of the ship falls sick and it’s all up to the thirteen […]

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Upgrade (2018)

Imagine that you could get an implant that would allow you to walk again or see again or even be better at everything you could possibly do.  Movie description: Upgrade is an Australian action-packed science fiction movie that was released on March 10, 2018. Written and directed by Leigh Whannell, the movie was filmed in […]

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Strangeways (2020)

Emily has been chosen. In a nonviolent invasion of Earth, humans have learned to accept alien presence among them. Though now comes the next part of the invasion as the aliens begin to partner up with humans. Book Description: Strangeways by Addison Cain is a science fiction erotica novel. A short but steamy read at […]

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Skyview by M. Sheehan

A reality bending story on history & time, SkyView draws readers into a seven-hundred-year struggle between good and evil. Eight family lines are on a quest to discover and control the family’s centuries-old accumulation of wealth. William Ward, the twenty-first century heir to this wealth, is tasked with destroying the leader and heir of the […]

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Unbounded by Bradley Woods

Unbounded is the first book of the Homeland Saga series. On an alternate Earth where a select group of people are born with the ability to fly, Unbounded follows Flier Lindsey Tescher as she seeks to uncover the truth behind a sinister kidnapping and the true origins of Fliers. Synopsis: Everyone dreams of being able […]

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Kitra (2020)

Riding the air currents on a glider, all nineteen year old Kitra can think of is traveling to the stars. After procuring a spaceship she convinces a group of friends to partake on an epic adventure and the crew of greenies set out to explore the universe. Do they have what it takes to survive […]

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We Happy Few (2018)

Happiness is a choice! And it can fit in your pill bottle, thanks to the invention of a drug called Joy. Side effects include hallucinations, short term memory loss, addiction. You might find yourself with a lack of morals and easy to be manipulated. You might be unaware of your surroundings, such as existing in […]

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