The High Crusade (1960) #86

Science fiction and fantasy come together in this classic tale of adventure and traveling to the stars. The middle ages meet the future as blaster meets sword in a cascade of hilarious nonsense. What would English knights do given the chance to meet aliens? Kill them and take over their planets, of course.

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Among Us (2018) #85

Uncover the imposter(s) among the crew before they sabotage the mission and kill the crew. Game Description: Among Us is an online multiplayer game set in space. Gameplay is focused around social deduction, voting out suspicious crew members in order to expose the imposter(s) who are working against the crew. Among Us was released on […]

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Interview With Gus D. Cadle #84

Today, I have the honor before duty, to interview Gus D. Cadle, the author of”Duty Before Honor”. First and foremost, I want to thank Mr. Cadle for sending me a copy of his Panoramic short-story which was excellent. His writing style reminds me of many Forgotten Realms books I read when I was in high school […]

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Floodtide By Helen Claire Gould #80

ON ICY NAXADA, THE SHIRANU FARM IN LAVA TUBES under a dormant volcano, avoiding hunter tribe the Sargussi. But the mutually-hostile tribes’ world will soon be torn apart by natural forces. Planetary geologist and astronomer Jordas Krata, part of a team observing an incoming asteroid, becomes telepathically linked with Yado, a Sargussi man, as he […]

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Interview with Gideon Marcus #79

What was the catalyst for starting Galactic Journey? In today’s interview, which was conducted by my friend Jean-Paul Garnier from Space Cowboy Books, we have the pleasure to introduce you to Gideon Marcus a Hugo Award finalist. He is the author of Kitra, a YA Sci-Fi adventure novel. Furthermore, he has been exploring the world […]

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The Weight of Stars (2019) #77

Every night, Alexandria climbs onto her roof in hopes of catching recordings sent from her mother in space, until one night she falls and breaks her arm. She now depends on Ryann Bird,  the girl responsible for her injury, to help her. Book Description: The Weight of Stars by K. Ancrum is a Lesbian Romance […]

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