#105 – I want the stars 1964 – Book Review

If your life were centuries long and you could visit anywhere in the cosmos, where would you go, what would you do? What would culture be like? I Want the Stars deals with the existential crisis of finding purpose in a universe that is fully attainable, at your fingertips to be plucked. But humans still have a lot to learn, and finding common ground with other species can be difficult, if not impossible. Will the humans reach a new level of understanding, and can they get along with foreign species long enough to find out?

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#104 – Dignity 2011 – Book Review

You may be familiar with Ken Layne’s work through his wonderful magazine / field guide Desert Oracle, and its audio companion Desert Oracle Radio. Dignity acquaints us with yet another side of Layne’s work in this beautiful epistolary novel about going back to nature in a world increasingly collapsing due to greed and lack of ethics. A story of hope and strife that leaves one hoping Ken Layne has more novels on the way.

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