Space Tourism #4

What if one day anyone could go to space.

I like to imagine that in the near future, we will be able to go to the local travel agency and browse through an amazing variety of space trips and activities. That idea has already been kickoff by private companies such as Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and SpaceX. As a matter of fact, those private companies have started the development of suborbital spaceships that will take space tourists up in space for a short period of time and then return back to Earth. Furthermore, even NASA announce that they want to start allowing private astronauts on the International Space Station for about 35,000 USD per day. Nevertheless, this is just the beginning of what space tourism will have to offer. I came up with a few ideas that sound amazing and that I would definitely like to do.

The orbital hotel:

Let’s fast forward a couple of hundred years in the future when the construction of space structures will be no more out of the ordinary then erecting a skyscraper or an apartment complex. We will surely construct a humongous space hotel that will be capable of harboring thousands of people at the time. Once aboard those orbital hotels to spend a week or two, the space tourists will be able to engage in various activities such as floating out in space with a spacesuit, have dinner while gazing down upon Earth or just float around in a relaxing lounge reading a book. For sure more activities will be available an I am confident that going to a space hotel will be something to be remembered for the rest of a lifetime.

A Moon resort:

Have you already been to an all-inclusive tropical destination? If so you know what it feels like. But now imagine that your all-inclusive resort would be on the Moon. Under huge domes, you would find all the different sections like the entertainment zone, the restaurant’s plaza, the Moonpool, and the room’s section all interconnected by glass tunnels. Some activities would include moon excursions in all-terrain vehicles and crater walks. I am sure that going to the Moon for an all-inclusive would be a blast.

A cruise to Mars:

Think about a huge interplanetary spaceship that could carry a few thousand passengers. Destination the red planet. Since a trip to Mars is not something you do in a few weeks the passengers would most likely be some future colonists on there way to there new home or people with a lot of free time. The ship would include a lot of different sections like an exercise center, some holographic chamber, dining area, and science faculties with powerful telescopes to gaze out into the vastness of space or to look back on our home planet. In addition, the cruise ship would probably be used to bring some supplies to the Mars colony. Upon arrival, the passenger will have the possibility to go down to the Mars colony or spend more time in orbit around the red planet.

Sooner or later, humans will have the chance to travel to some space destinations and I am sure that I will be amazing for those lucky enough to embark on those journeys.

Written by:

Steven Morrissette
Steven Morrissette

Steven Morrissette is the founder and major contributor to the online science fiction blog/journal Warp Speed Odyssey.

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10 thoughts on “Space Tourism #4

  1. I bet space travel would be possible. I am just curious how much it would be to do such traveling to space?

  2. That’s dreamy and wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing this and I wonder if space-traveling will become popular and possible for everyone 🙂 – Knycx Journeying

  3. This would be so cool if I could sign up now for these types of travel adventures! I hope his truly happens one day!

  4. I kinda like it here on earth, but how cool would it to be to clear the atmosphere and spend a few days gazing at the stars and floating around space? I think the key will be creating a big enough ship or space station to do this. From what I understand, astronauts are pretty much crammed into small spaces for now.

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