Cyborg #6

A retinal implant could project an interface that only you could see and interact with.

The cyborg that is also known as a cybernetic organism, is a theme of science fiction that is already present in our modern society. As a matter of fact, robotic prosthetics are currently being utilized to replace amputees missing limbs. We are pretty far away from what we see in science fiction movies and books, but the advancements of the last few years are staggering. We can now build robotic hands enabling patients that lost an arm to accomplish basic tasks. Some of those hands are so sophisticated that they memorize movements that make the prosthetic arm easier to use. Scientists have already started to experiment with an implant that merges with our nervous system permitting the person with the implant to move a robotic hand just by moving is own. As time goes the possibilities will multiply and eventually cybernetic modification will become available to anyone who wants to enhance their body and not just for people victims of an accident or a disease requiring the replacement of a limb. Now let’s explore some original ideas of modification that would definitely change our lives.

Brain and eye implants:

Imagine enhancing your intelligence with an implant that would improve intellectual capabilities by connecting your brain to the internet. You could know anything you need just by thinking about it. I guess that one of the downsides is that someone could possibly hack your brain. It could be linked with a retinal implant that projects images or info that only you could see. You could be walking through the woods and your retinal implant could tag all the different species of plants and of animals, giving you information on your surrounding environment. The retinal implant could also improve your vision like a telescopic view or even night vision.

Limbs and muscles enhancement:

With the possibility of replacing our arm and legs for more useful robotic limbs, we could also replace our muscles with superior synthetic muscles that would give us more strength and endurance. Furthermore, the prospect of having some specialized limbs for different kinds of jobs or situations would be advantageous.

Organ replacement:

For those who will need a new organ that won’t be a problem anymore. You will be able to choose from a variety of each type of organ to fit your needs. A mechatronic heart would allow a higher heart rate for a longer period of time, sustaining greater efforts. Improved lungs would allow you to breathe through a polluted atmosphere. An other awsome inplant would be some artificial gills for people that like to swim, permitting them to breathe underwater.

All those modifications are well out of reach for the moment, but as time goes some of those modifications will become reality. Until then it will just be part of our imagination.

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  1. I am not that eager to see entire cyborg people walking around, lol. But I am thrilled to hear how this science is helping people to restore their bodies in ways that make them so nearly functionally whole. I hope that the technology continues so that they can be good as new!

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