Creativity Brewing Volume 1 #10

Kevin Barrick is an independently published author from Kings Mountain, North Carolina. He has traveled to Ethiopia several times and is currently living there as he works on establishing his writing career. He has been a writer for several years, beginning his endeavors at an ambitious age of eight while crafting stories based on his life in a comedic and adventurous way.

He has since developed and honed his craft to venture into the world of writing fantasy with a current work in progress that deals with the curses of humanity in an ancient and ominous setting. He currently has a collection of flash fiction published that highlights his various genres, styles, and voices that lends to his overall creative mind.

Creativity Brewing: 30 Short Stories Hand-Roasted to Perfection is a project that evolved from a challenge to better his writing by crafting a quick story each day for a month. The book deals with topics like family crime and vengeance; it grapples with the reality of demons and monsters inside each and every one of us; it ponders the prospect of human-like robots on other planets; it promotes unity in the face of prejudice.

Fans are excited to see more of his work after they have ventured into the world of his imagination. They have seen the crazy twists and turns of how he perceives humanity and want more! His works are truly fantastic, charming, and captivating.

A quick excerpt from his story “International Justice” :

The lapping of the water amalgamated with the blood pouring from the body that was hunched over a rock jutting along the banks of the lake. The moon illuminated the grim scene, created by the onlooker’s own hand. The energy at the restaurant was snuffed in an instant. The smoke of incense billowed, veiling the man’s face as he turned back around to his growing audience. He picked up the coffee which had been poured a moment before the incident and took a sip. Ethiopian coffee truly was the best in the world. Even on his worst nights, he could always feel alive by taking a swig of heaven’s dark nectar.

Barrick strives to bring the reader along a journey of words that inspires wonder, incites raw emotion, and brings the reader to question how they might have responded under similar circumstances. These tales are not original to the characters themselves but are a common expression of the tapestry that we each have been woven into in this beautiful masterpiece called humanity.

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