Canaan by David Salvi #13

David Salvi is a writer and creator. He is the author of three novels: The Revelation (2016), The Revelation: Rise of the Fallen (2018), and Canaan (2020). He also serves as the producer, director, and writer for Beyond the Backlot, a YouTube channel that brings movies of the past to life as a group of superfans go on adventures to iconic filming locations.

About the book:

Two-hundred and fifty years ago, a devastating plague wiped out life on Earth. Panic ravaged the streets. Food supplies dwindled. Survivors begged for an escape. One eccentric billionaire found a habitable planet and planned a clandestine trip with a select group of survivors, dubbed “The Great Exodus,” to the planet of Canaan — four light-years away from Earth. This was our final hope. And they succeeded.

Today, a new civilization endures on this balmy rock floating in space. One star. Three moons. And two warring factions, the rebellious Motus Society and oppressive Canaanites. Not even four light-years can erase a species from its worst instincts.

Caught in the crossfire is Chris Menas, a humble gardener. When his world is turned upside down, Chris decides to do the only thing that makes sense in his heart: plot a return to Earth. Spaceships, however, aren’t sitting around Canaan. He must ally himself with Motus Society and their leader Riley Reuben for an adventure and thrill ride he never expected.

What starts as a selfish clandestine venture ends with Chris being the unlikely hero of what is good about humanity.

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  1. What a nerve wrecking thriller, adventurous, sci-fi and just all-in-one read! I definitely recommend this book to others! Well done!

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