PAAN – by Tim Westland and J.E.Clarke #14

Tim Westland is a screenwriter from Southern California who has written more than a dozen features (both alone and with awesome partners) spanning multiple genres, all of which have placed in QF or better in such industry contests as Page, Screencraft, BlueCat, iHorror, and the Austin Film Festival. His adaptation of Joe Schreiber’s horror novel “Chasing The Dead” was released as a comic book and graphic novel (Yes, it’s on Amazon). No genre is off the table, and Tim enjoys writing epic Science Fiction, terrifying Horror, soul searching Drama, and kick-ass Action/Adventure. He combines genres whenever possible! When not writing or working his normal 9 to 5, Tim likes to travel, watch baseball, and do absolutely nothing every chance he can.

Tim’s latest screenplay, PAAN, penned with uber-scribe J.E. Clarke, is a science fiction reimagining of the children’s classic, Peter Pan.

PAAN takes place in the not so distant future. The Earth is dying and there are only a few hundred thousand people left. But just in time, scientists discover how to travel to a distant planet.

The remnants of humanity build five Colony ships. But it’s the last one which contains the key to our future. On it, a teenage colonist named Pete dreams of adventures among the stars.

But when his Colony ship drops out of Hyperspace and is attacked by a brutal pirate race known as The Huuk, Pete’s dream of adventure turns to one of survival, because the Huuk want nothing less than the extinction of the human race.

Along with his sister Wendy, a dozen lost children, and some unexpected help from a race of tiny aliens on the planet’s surface, Pete must find a way to stop the Huuk and save Humanity. But it won’t be easy. Pete and friends will have to contend with more than just Captain Huuk, because even though the Colony planet is like paradise, other deadly creatures stand in their way… both alien and human alike.

Some enemies may be friends, and some friends may turn out the be enemies. But one thing is certain, everybody is in danger as long as Captain Huuk is around.

PAAN is unique. You’ll recognize many of the characters, but nothing is the same. There’s world building going on here, something epic on a scale that screams out “Hey Disney, MAKE ME!”

But keep in mind that this is no fairy tale. There’s no magic pixie dust, and no green tights.

Just a hero who has yet to discover himself.

PAAN is an Austin Film Festival 2019 2nd Rounder, as well as a Page 2019 Quarter Finalist. Further, it has been read by dozens of screenwriters and the reviews have been awesome.

Don’t be the last one to read PAAN!

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  1. Interesting…I never heard before about a revisiting of peter pan story taking place on space.Thats should be a good reading

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