Stolen Futures by Mark Drewery #15

Stolen Futures is all about the remnants of humanity traveling to a new world after the destruction of Earth.

Several years ago an alien space ship the size of a city landed on Earth and began to steal our water. We defeated this ship and took control of it. We intended to use it as our first interstellar craft and harvest what technology we could.

However only a few years later another ship much larger the first lands on our world and starts stealing our resources once again. This one is more relentless than the first, more capable of defending itself. Our armies and most powerful weapons don’t have any affect.

Yet there is hope.

The first ship is rechristened the Ark and will now take a few hundred teenagers (representing every nation on Earth) across the vastness of space to a new world for us to colonize and begin again.

Callum Tasker is the child chosen to represent the nation of England and we see the story unfold through his eyes as he tries to make friends with the last living humans in the universe. Together they must strive to rebuild the new human race. Leading this group of young people is One, an enhanced human trained to lead the crew.

However the past doesn’t die easy, two factions try to invade and take control of the Ark. Will Callum and his fellow crewmates, now calling themselves the Arkonauts, be able to stand together?

Or will the human race bring itself to a tragic end, unable to learn from the past and forge a new destiny together?

A word from the author:

I started writing around the age of 14 and finished my first book a year later called Return to Earth. By the age of 18 I started writing other stories, and so produced several children’s and young adult books.

In 2013 I decided to self-publish my first book and choose to create a children’s book series called Alien Hunter Conner Jones. I worked in a series of libraries during this time and got local schools to get involved and design aliens and spaceships for the series. This project taught me lots about the publishing industry, editing, marketing and cover design. The series ultimately ended up as ten books, however never got the attention I hoped.

I was finally published in 2017 and was thrilled that my first book Return to Earth was finally picked up and published by Black Rose Writing. Later that year my most recent book Stolen Futures was picked up by Spaceboy Books and was published in 2018.

Over the course of 2018 I have focused on Stolen Futures, producing short stories for the series, artwork and engaging with local schools to promote the book, to some modest success. The sequel was published in march.

I have also started a Podcast and Youtube channel called The 8th Plot where I giveaway free book ideas I unfortunately don’t have time to write, and use historical figures, events and ideas to help inspire other writers with their characters, plots and themes.


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