Wanted: Hero by Paul Kater #17

Like you probably know by now I really enjoy featuring guest authors that give us sneak peeks of their books and talk about themselves. Today’s guest Paul Kater, an author from the Netherlands, immerses us into the captivating universe of Wanted: Hero. Without further delay, Paul will unravel his writing journey that culminated with the creation of a super interesting book.

My name is Paul Kater and I’m an author from the Netherlands. Okay, being an author isn’t my main occupation; that’s in IT, but writing scifi and fantasy is a great pastime. I have also ventured into Steampunk and a humorous science fiction about a ship that sails through space. That book is heavily influenced by the late and famous Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

As I said, I’m an IT person, in the industry since 1982, and now I am getting more and more involved in Cloud computing, still studying to learn more. I’m also learning Spanish and trying to relax a bit with Netflix when I have some time to spare.

Onwards to the writing: one of the best scifi books I’ve written to date is: “Wanted: hero”.

That story came about in an odd way. A friend wanted to learn how to write stories so we started out co-writing a story. After a few chapters my friend got romantically engaged (great for her) but she immediately lost interest in writing, so I asked if I could take the basis of the chapters we had and work with that. She said, “Fine, have fun with it.”

So I took out the good bits, weeded out the parts that were too remote from my goal, formed it into something I would want to read and a book was born.

“Wanted: hero” is a story about Sebastian Fowler. He’s a business consultant from our own Earth. On a bad evening (rain and storm are torturing the are), he is taken from his cellar by someone from another planet. The person from that planet is sent out to find a military genius to fight off the race of invaders of her home. Imagine the surprise when she returns with a business consultant who only knows about war and tactics from television.

Sebastian has to adjust quickly or die. He’s running into surprises, meets lots of people from that strange planet and he has his share of run-ins with the invaders as well. There’s also the problem of communicating with the race that abducted him, and of course there are several problems of the romantic kind.

You’ll have to find out yourself if Sebastian is able to survive his ordeal and if he is able to make a dent in the occupation. (And no, this ‘dent’ has absolutely nothing to do with Arthur Dent from the aforementioned Hitchhiker’s guide. 🙂 )

I did my best to keep the story entertaining and moving fast enough. It was interesting to build the entire world where Sebastian ends up in, and adding some of the local wildlife was highly interesting.

Because writing “Wanted: hero” was such a fun project, I wrote a sequel to it, called “Wanted: adventurer”.

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You can find my website at https://www.paulkater.com

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  1. Très inspirant de voir une personne réaliser son rêve d’écrire des livres. Le synopsis du livre donne le goût de le lire!

  2. I love how this novel evolved from a joint project to help a friend to what ended up being in Paul’s mind. Good final product! It sounds like a great book.

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