Duty Before Honor by Gus D. Cadle #21

Septillions of lightyears away from our own Milky Way galaxy, in another distant corner of the universe, over 400 billion stars and nearly 100 billion planets will explode into existence from nothing. The ancient lifeforms first to inhabit it will call it the Panorama. In this distant future, the race of Men are relative newcomers, having travelled across an ocean of stars to extend their dominion over new and undiscovered territory. Our story takes place thousands of years later, when humanity has taken control over all faster-than-light travel, interplanetary commerce, and law and order, by means of the ubiquitous Panoramic Trust Corporation, and much to the chagrin of the sentients who first called the Panorama home. Five elite commandos are sent to the front line to ascertain the whereabouts of a missing delegate. But there is more to their orders than meets the eye. What happens when everything you believe in turns out to be a lie?

To me, Duty Before Honor is more than a fun action adventure set in a sci-fi setting; its an exploration of the age-old question of Might vs Right that Thucydides first posed back in 400 BC, its an exploration of the human condition under extreme duress, and its just plain fun escapism!

My name is Gus D. Cadle and I am an author, comic book writer and music composer from Mansfield, Ohio. I am married to my best friend Dusty, and with her I have three incredible children, Lincoln, Eli and Penelope, whom we just welcomed into the world on April 7th, 2020. I also have a studio dog by the name of Jude. He is a good boy (most of the time). Duty Before Honor is my first self-published work to date, though I have two comic books in development with EXCITED STUDIOS that are expected to release around July of 2020.

Artwork by Chris Sargant

Since before I could remember I have been obsessed with stories and those who tell them. As a boy I had a very early love for books and reading. I love the idea of taking an adventure with you; foldable entertainment in your back pocket. Sadly, we’ve replaced the page with a screen. I guess that’s what they call progress. The good news is, we now have all kinds of stories at our disposal in seconds. I write what I’d like to read first, and what my wife and kids think is cool second.

Music was and is my first love. To me music is just another form of storytelling. I have composed original music for commercials, movies and audiobooks. I think my background with music helps me to find the right pace of my stories to keep them fun and engaging. It also helps some of my character’s dialogue have a lyrical quality, the challenge is making them all distinct! I compose all the music for my own marketing and I plan to produce my own audiobooks.

I have a healthy obsession with what C.S. Lewis dubbed Old Western Culture, including but not limited to Homer, Herodotus, Vergil, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, etc. What I think makes my writing different is the way I weave the fundamental principles and philosophies I’ve learned over my years of study into the narrative of an entertaining and engaging story. By presenting these ideas in new and exciting ways I think a whole new generation can learn and benefit from them as I have.

About a year ago I decided I wanted to build my own science fiction sandbox that I could play in for the rest of my life. I spent most of my wife’s most recent pregnancy just world-building, not writing a single word of prose. I built races, technologies, planets and systems all with the intent of creating a living and breathing world in which to populate memorable characters. During the COVID-19 pandemic, like many I was temporarily laid off from work and quarantined in my home with plenty of time to do the things I always wanted to do. First, I wrote some guidelines as to how I wanted these stories to feel: the crew dynamics and dialogue of Firefly, the fun, wit and charm of Dr Who, the world-building and exploration of Lord of the Rings, the religion-building and mystique of Dune, the adventure and excitement of Star Wars, the twists and turns of Battlestar Galactica, and the thought-provoking nature of Star Trek. After that, I finally sat down to write my first official story set in the Panoramic Universe, “Duty Before Honor”.

I also have a passion for comic books. Like many in the 90’s I was comic crazy, although my family was unable to afford them. Unfortunately I was a spectator in a speculator market. Eventually when the bubble burst the fad moved on from the pop culture, but not for me. Later on as a young man I would move up in my career and have some disposable income, it was then that I began collecting new and old comics. Never in my entire life would I have imagined that I would be involved with the writing and producing of a comic, but I’m happy to tell you I’m doing exactly that thanks to Michael Oeur and EXCITED STUDIOS! The team at EXCITED is stacked and the list is far too long to name here, but you can look us up on Facebook and follow our fan page there. I have a few projects in development that I’m very excited about and I can’t wait to share them with you all!

Website: https://guscadle.wixsite.com/guscadle
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7 thoughts on “Duty Before Honor by Gus D. Cadle #21

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading you work so much! Gus Cadle your work is so interesting and exciting that it leaves me wanting to read more of it! Fantastic talent and imagination!

  2. I’ve really enjoyed reading your work! Gus Cadle I find your work interesting and exciting leaving me wanting more of it! Fantastic talent and imagination!

    1. Please consider reading the free sample pages provided! If you like what you’ve read, the story is only $1 for a fun short story. Please feel free to leave a review and let me know what you thought. Thanks James!

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