Alien First-Contact trilogy by Reid Minnich #24

Koinobi, book one of an alien first-contact trilogy:

Earth is in the demilitarized zone between two warring races, the Aquilans, a bird race and the Pantherans, a seven-foot-tall cat race ruled by a parasitic species called Koinobi. One war-weary insect has been hiding on Earth for thousands of years, taking one host every century and raising up humanity from the shadows. But when we send signals into space, unaware of the war around us, we place ourselves in the cross-hairs of both sides. To save her adopted home, she will have to reach out to her ancient enemy, the Aquilans. But first, she needs a new host.

Aquilan – book two.

Having with a tentative friendship with the Aquilans, Kindra is coming back to Earth. Will that friendship survive when they meet their enemy? How will humanity react to the Aquilans? Having a Pantheran and a vengeful Aquilan captain in the mix wasn’t part of the plan.

Pantheran – book three.

David is trapped on a Pantheran world. He knows that if the Pantherans find Earth before they understand humans, war is likely to devastate both sides. How can he ever get home without revealing the location of Earth? Forging a friendship with the seven-foot-tall cats is going to be more difficult than the Aquilans.

Captain Sun disobeys orders and takes this new creature back alive. In the eternal war with the Aquilans, they could be great allies or a terrible new threat. She keeps him alive long enough to know which.

Both David and Captain Sun have a difficult task, but there is a greater danger neither considered.


As the son of a Duke, Jace must marry and serve at court. This is a precarious position in a country at war and on the brink of revolt. He hides his family name to pursue his passion of being an inventor. When one of his inventions, a safe lighting device called the Tiboluminator, catches the eye of the military, everyone around him is in mortal danger.

About Reid Minnich: I’ve loved sci-fi for decades and prefer a little sci in my fi. Koinobi is based on research in cross-cultural psychology. The main insect character is based on an actual parasitic wasp. Combining the two may have been the result of a pizza too close to bedtime.

Not long ago, I discovered this wonderful thing called, Steampunk. I read several great stories, and some, by a very famous author, that were not so great. Call me a purist, but I don’t like magic in Steampunk. For me, Steampunk is about the beauty of machines and the creativity of those making them in a retro-futuristic world. Tiboluminator is my contribution to this sub-genre.

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