Garro: Galaxy’s End by Connor Whiteley #25

My name is Connor Whiteley and I’m a sci-fi fantasy author from the UK.

Well, I say that I’m a sci-fi fantasy author, but I write psychology books and Books for writers- but sci-fi fantasy is one of my true love and it’s more of a guilty pleasure if anything.

As another reason why I loved writing these books is that they allowed me to draw inspiration from some of my favourite sci-fi and fantasy series. For example, Warhammer 40,000 and Star Wars.

And in case you’re familiar with Warhammer 40,000, of course, the Untouchable character; a person that magic doesn’t work on; wasn’t inspired by Dan Abnett’s character Alizabeth in the Eisenhorn series at all.

Anyway, I think that it’s fair to say that the series has heavily been influenced by Warhammer 40,000 as it’s such a great and rich universe.

Also, writing is a great past time to have as it’s fun, exciting and interesting while I study for my psychology degree specialising in mental conditions at the University of Kent in England.

Anyway, onto the writing stuff then…

My favourite sci-fi book that I’ve written so far has to be Garro: Galaxy’s End. (Very closely followed by Garro: End Times)

The story is set against the backdrop of the Republic- Orderwar; a group of four very lethal alien races each with their own sinister motive that seeks to enslave humanity; whereHumanity’s extinction is inevitable and the galaxy is burning with the flames of war.

When Grand Master Garro of the Magi Order; humanity’s military organisation for magical warriors; and his team stumble upon one of the Order’s weapons project that has the power to end the Galaxy. 

Quickly, leading the team into a chaotic race across the stars to destroy this new weapon before it ends the Galaxy.

However, the team soon learn that this isn’t the true threat as an ancient horror starts to make its move for their horrific return.

Personally, I love the Garro books because they’re magical with great characters that I love and it’s such an interesting universe that books 2 (Rise of the Order) and book 3 (Garro: End Times) builds on perfectly. To further develop the universe and definitely raise the stakes!

Additionally, as I loved writing these three Garro books so much. I’m currently writing Garro Books 4 to 6 and I’m loving these books as… I won’t spoil it but the events that happen in these books are just wow!

So if you’re interested in reading about Garro’s and his team’s adventures then you can buy Garro: Galaxy’s End for FREE in the eBook format at all eBook major stores and it’s available in Audiobook, Paperback and Large Print.




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“I loved the first Garro book, a good start. I will buy the 2nd shortly. Thank you keep up the good work and more Garro books please.” Dom Grant, Amazon Customer
“Fantastic. Thank you I really enjoyed the Garro books”
-Dom Grant, customer (Review of Garro: Rise of The Order)

Or if you want to save money and get all of Garro’s adventures in one bundle then please consider getting the Garro: Collection boxset to get all 3 books in one set. Available for FREE at your local library and in eBook and audiobook.



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  1. Seams really entertaining readings! Nice background! Psychology knowledge is great to write credible stuffs. Congrats!

  2. thanks for sharing your thoughts your books seem interesting,
    I think I will start with the first one and see.
    nice artwork

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