The Origin Trilogy by Ste Sharp #26

The inspiration for ‘Darwin’s Soldiers’ came to me such a long time ago I can’t remember whether it was the idea of historical soldiers developing X-men-like powers that set me writing or the thought of warriors from every epoch of human history interacting with one another. Either way, it’s been an amazing ride writing what has evolved into ‘The Origin Trilogy’!

I started writing in 1998 after a bizarre dream I had in a tent in Australia, which developed into my first novel, ‘Ancient Vendettas’. Like many writers, more ideas hatched and grew into fledgling, but flightless, books. My novels remained unpublished until Unbound Books selected ‘Darwin’s Soldiers’ for their Sci-fi and Fantasy section. The only caveat – I would have to sell enough books before it was published to fund the editing, cover design and printing. Crowdfunding had arrived.

I thought it would be hard work finding readers willing to pay £20 for a paperback but it turns out there’s a huge community of science fiction readers out there who would love to have their name in a book that wouldn’t exist without their help. The readers became the publisher, choosing the book they wanted to be published. Plus they could also get an extra with their book: a painted canvas or the chance to name a character in the book.

‘Darwin’s Soldiers’ follows John Greene, a WW1 machine-gunner who has been ripped out of battle and dumped in an alien forest. He’s not alone and finds a host of other Earth warriors from his past and future. Together they journey to complete a mission, enduring bizarre mutations and facing alien foes as they discover evolution is on speed in this world, and to survive they must evolve or die.

‘Darwin’s Soldiers’ was published exactly twenty years after I had my inspiring dream. I’ve just received the first edits of ‘Survival Machines’, the sequel to ‘Darwin’s Soldiers’, which will be out early next year. The cover design will be coming through soon, then I’ll return to writing the trilogy’s final book ‘Origin Wars’ which is turning out to be the most expansive of the three, finally revealing why the events having been taking place.

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