The Hashtag Series By Lorene Funk Accardo #28

About #2020: The Bell Curve & The Metaphor
The crack in the Liberty Bell has become symbolic with the existing problems occurring in American Politics. Politicians are baiting Americans against each other so they can remain in power. The Constitution of the United States may quickly disappear if we don’t soon recognize just how much we the people are being baited. We must draw attention to the voting loopholes currently existing in our system while using them to our advantage until we close them. Hashtag 2020 is not just a work found in the political science and political fiction genres. Lorene Funk Accardo does deliver a twist of Sci-Fi like she did in Hashtag 2016. Amazingly #2020 dropped just a few months ago before the global pandemic we are facing now. Ironically within her story she writes about how easily we could find ourselves in a lockdown situation and includes cities that are now on the frontlines of this global war against the Coronavirus. Her writings contain the remnants of the foot soldiers that have served in her family throughout American History in The United States Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines, including special forces. It is because of all the unrest and disarray that her series has become popular in other countries that also have a large amount of history from World War Two that her grandfather fought in as an Army Sargent for The United States.

Author’s Bio:
Lorene is a native to the state of Virginia where she resides in the Appalachian mountains. She lives on thirteen acres where she watches over the wildlife, walks and rides trails, and crafts her own stationary. She is a graduate of Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia and a graduate of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. She debuted with #2016:A Liberal Move in a Conservative Story. She has been married over twenty years and has one son with her husband. She loves reading political American history and is enjoying her new hashtag series that is listed as political science and political fiction. Her works are unique because she manages of twist of SciFi making her popular in a variety of genres. She has tried writing romance in the past but finds she cannot keep herself from making the main characters either politicians or lobbyists. She has decided she is staying around the area of politics and history while welcoming the twists of SciFi because she just can’t help herself.
Lorene has worked as an editor, a publicist, a ghost writer, a voice over, & teacher. Her childhood including music study and a pre-teen pageant crown within The Miss America Pageant. She has given countless hours of volunteer work in emergency services as an E.M.T., in adult education, and hospice. Lorene has connected with places and people across the United States & other nations throughout her lifetime of travels. She has been a writer since she was sixteen & a voter since she was eighteen. Those two worlds collided in 2016. She is now an activist and a life member of her father’s political party. Lorene is a granddaughter of World War Two with challenges to her Central Nervous System inherited from her father due to a genetic mutation after her grandfather suffered severe Hypothermia during the war. Her series, though listed as fiction, was birthed from the 2016 election season after one political candidate tried blocking a fellow candidate from campaigning within her home state. Unhappy by what she saw, she became active for an unlikely candidate in the name of fairness not affiliation.

Lorene Funk Accardo, M.A. The Hashtag Series is currently available with Amazon, Kindle, IngramSpark, and on the author’s web site.

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