The Man With No Name by Tanweer Dar #29

The Man With No Name is a cyberpunk novella set in the near future where everyone is chipped (think ultimate contactless ID and payments). One man remains unchipped as his mother was determined to prevent him from being so. The book is the story of his efforts to fight the system and maintain is freedom in a world where the lines between biology and technology are beginning to blur. There’s plenty of action in the book, and I would also describe it as a thriller. Without giving too much away, you can look forward to some unexpected twists. Although written for adults, I have kept it clean (there isn’t any adult language, for example) and I would say it is perfectly suitable for teens and young adults too. It’s fairly short length also makes it accessible and easy to get through. In terms of comparisons, it is a self-contained story from my imagination, but there are certainly some elements which share similarities with movies like Blade Runner, Mad Max and Drive.

About the author
Tanweer Dar was born in Birmingham, in the United Kingdom, in 1984. He read Ancient & Medieval History at the University of Birmingham and worked as a qualified teacher in the city for fourteen years. Tanweer enjoys science fiction, fantasy and horror, both in books and on screen, as well as collecting and painting miniatures and table top war gaming. He is a car enthusiast and lover of music and film. He is author of the stark, powerful and extremely personal work of poetry, 99 Breaths of a Borderline. His debut novel was the dark and epic fantasy Heart of Steel. He also authored the steampunk adventure novella, Finrod Fury I: The Wailing Wyvern. Tanweer has loved cyberpunk-themed films, games and music for many, many years. This, in part, inspired this novella: The Man With No Name.


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    1. Cyberpunk is a genre of fiction – books, movies, video games (sometimes music too!) – which tends to focus on the people who don’t live in the higher strata of dystopian, extremely high-tech societies. Lots of neon lights, megacorps, commercialised states, ultra-capitalism, and other fun sci-fi thingies!

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