The last marines by Lawrence N. Oliver #31

First, I’d like to say thanks to Warp Speed Odyssey for featuring my book. One of the hardest things any author does is work to get his writing out to the right audience.

I’d always wanted to be a writer, but my writing journey didn’t start until a few years ago when I found myself home alone with a few unplanned days off work. I was reading a book, sitting by the window in my overstuffed cliché, suburban recliner. The novel was from a box of science fiction books a friend had given me. Good ole’ space opera, high adventure, the good guy is always good and always right in the end, kind of stuff. Nothing wrong with that, but I kept finding myself drifting from the book, looking out the window, thinking of a different story. Things aren’t black and white, even the good guys screw shit up, and sometimes the good guys aren’t the good guys at all, depending on your point of view.

I put down the book I was reading, and I started writing.


Having been replaced by robots and drones, veterans Ben Corbin and Sam Garrett go into business for themselves, towing derelict vessels and space junk out of the shipping lanes around Mars.
Business was good, but a couple of malfunctioning service robots forced them to return to Earth for replacements. Aliens attacked the freighter they’d booked passage on, slaughtering and feeding on the crew and passengers. Only Corbin and Garrett managed to hold their own until they could hide in stasis pods.

200 years later

Earth and her colonies, governed by the Commonwealth of Nations, are at war with a race of aliens known as the Nineteenth. Not with the Gar Rei Jhi, who had attacked Corbin and Garrett so many years past. That war had already been fought, and humans lost. The Nineteenth is a new alien threat whose origins and motives are unknown.
What information humans have on this new enemy comes from the uneasy alliance with the Gar Rei Jhi, who’ve been fighting an even longer war with the Nineteenth. Though long ago, Corbin and Garrett’s history with the Gar Rei Jhi hasn’t been forgotten.
Thrust into a new age of engineered soldiers, interplanetary politics, and self-aware robots, Corbin has to quickly decide who he’s going to trust as he journeys back to the Mars colony. But his search for truth may cost him his life and alter the fate of the Commonwealth.

WARNING: If you don’t like space battles, cyborgs, diverse flawed characters, aliens, AIs, mechs, robots, or bad language, this book may not be for you.



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  1. Hey, I do like space battles, cyborgs, diverse flawed characters, aliens, AIs, mechs, robots, and bad language! Probably a story I’d enjoy, then 🙂 and I always enjoy explorations of what people have to do when machines have replaces skilled workers.

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