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Chris Sarantopoulos is a Greek writer who learned to communicate in English almost at the same time he started using his native language. He first started writing short fiction back in 2013 and was lucky enough to have seen his first story published around a year later by a now defunct e-magazine. Since then, he has been published in a number of magazines. He later chose to follow a self-publishing career. At the moment, he has published two full novels; a standalone post apocalyptic horror novel (The Darkening), and a cyberpunk thriller with mystery undertones (Through Stranger Eyes), that is part 1 of a trilogy called Matriarchs – Silicon Gods. He enjoys writing science fiction, particularly post-apocalyptic fiction and cyberpunk, but also dystopia, fantasy, high fantasy, dark fantasy, and horror (not the splatter type though). One of his favourite themes in most of his stories is the mistakes people make from misusing technology. He is fascinated with the endless avenues the repercussions of such mistakes create.

About Through Stranger Eyes:

In Through Stranger Eyes, I wanted to explore what would happen to an otherwise average person if they had to use highly advanced technology out of necessity, only to have someone else take advantage of that technology and turn it into a weapon. Which then brought the question, how far would someone go if they were able to manipulate such a technology? Where would they stop? Would they stop?

True to the cyberpunk theme of “high tech, low life,” Through Stranger Eyes explores many different aspects of a futuristic urban dystopia. From the invasive and aggressive side of consumerism that reaches the point of being regarded as a form of government, to tense social dynamics formed between the people who have access to technology (and thus opportunities in life) and those who don’t.

The story takes place several decades after the end of the last great war that saw the planet almost destroyed and had billions in casualties. Ten mega-corporations (The Matriarchs) run the world as a form of government and all of them deal in body augmentations among other things. Due to the lack of habitable areas on the planet, cities are now stacked one on top of another and they are called stacked megacities. If that’s too hard to grasp, imagine going to your window, looking out and up, and seeing the bottom part of another city on top of you instead of the sky. Then picture another on top of that and so on. The distance between each level is enough to accommodate skyscrapers, mind you. The poorest, those with the fewest opportunities in life, live at the very bottom and the richest at the top. This is one of the things that creates tension and resentment between the different social classes.

The main character is a relatively well-off member of that world, a doctor named Rick Stenslandt, one of those who object the fusion of man and machine. He ends up in a near fatal accident and is forced to have cybernetic ocular implants or lose his social status. That’s when things take a turn for the worse, as he soon starts remembering murdering members of the governing corporate elite. Powerful and dangerous people. The problem is that he is certain that he has never met any of the victims before. Things become even worse for him when the police finds out about his involvement and consider him the main suspect. As if that wasn’t enough, a pair of trained augmented assassins is after him. It doesn’t take too long for his sheltered life to turn to dust and for him to see what the world is really like. When he loses everything, when the only thing he has left, the one thing he cares the most, his family, is threatened, he decides to fight back and in doing so, he starts uncovering secrets and truths that some people don’t want to be known. What he discovers during his struggle for survival can shake the foundations of the world and plunge it into chaos.

Even though Through Stranger Eyes is the first book of a trilogy (Matriarchs – Silicon Gods), each book is designed to be as self-contained as possible so that there are as few cliff-hangers as possible. Each book has a different main character and the events shown in each one take place years apart from one another. Currently, books 2 and 3 are in production. In book 1, the misuse of technology and its effects is centred (and thus contained, so to speak) to an individual. Books 2 and 3 will show this misuse spread engulf the entire world.

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