Neleh_Art’s Sci-Fi Vision #36

Empty metal: this is a drawing of a man that want to be 100% machine or 99%machine, only his brain was left from the old human body, he doesn’t need food to survive, but he must protect his brain it’s the only important thing. I was inspired on Tatsuyuki Tanaka works. 

Today my featured guest is a young artist that I met on Instagram. One night I was browsing through the Sci-fi art feed and I stumble over the drawing of the robot above. Instantly I wanted to feature it on my blog. A quick glance at her IG profile convinced me that this young artist had lots of talent and I wanted to share her art with you guys. After exchanging a few messages she accepted to share with us some insights on how some of her artworks came to fruition.

This is me. My name is Helen, I’m from Brazil and I’m 18. I am a student of visual arts and I love to draw and paint drawings that go beyond reality. I’m a huge fan of cyberpunk themes. I hope that in the future my illustrations and drawings skills will constantly improve enabling me to continue creating many other universes.
Brain damage: this is also a drawing of a human in a machine body, he literally control all of his gears with his mind, maybe the future is near.

There is a few reason why I like her art. First and foremost, her drawings and paintings are fascinating and delightful. Subsequently, her art reflects emotions and hardships of human existence. For instance, her piece entitled Deep in sea, seen below, portraits humans being crippled by their ever growing demand for energy and dependance of technology to ensure their survival. Furthermore, her cyberpunk style open up our imagination on how human could become cyborgs in the future.

There is a few more art pieces below with some short descriptions. If you like her art and would like to support her got follow her on Instagram to check out more of that cyberpunk art and much more.


Deep in sea: the hairs are moving like waves, she was cold but nobody helped her, she is alone and wants to see what exists beyond the ocean. I usually draw characters that are attached or stuck in something, in this drawing she is stuck in herself, not just stuck in her thoughts but literally saying, she needs the energy of the battery she’s sitting on to survive, but she’s alone and isolated, she can’t do anything but wait and face emptyness.
Mind control: She is a machine too, these various cables and wires connected to her head are part of the human memories she never knew. When I drew this I was reading a wonderful brazilian sci-fi book by the writer Jorge Lourenço called “Rio 2054: os filhos da revolução”( Rio 2054: the sons of the revolution), there was a interesting robot woman that seemed like a human, she wanted to be a human, and her memories are all had she had, I was inspired on it.
Cyborg: a character who substituted parts of his human body to electronic mechanisms, to be powerful, confident. Only his head is actually him. I really like this drawing because is the first one that I actually finished and I was satisfied with the result.
Running away from the machines: a girl running away from the machine, he wants to get all that was left of her, her humanity, her hope and her determination to fight against the system. The sci-fi point is show not only how a great future with incredible technologies are waiting for us, but a chaotic system where even controlled machines turn against us.

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  1. This artwork is really amazing, I love that its all greyscales. The work she calls Mind Control is particurly great!

  2. Its nice of you to feature her in your blog. Her artwork is amazing, its unique and different. My son paints well and loves drawing figures. He will love the post.

  3. wow different and interesting at the same time. I think she will go far.
    thanks for putting her on you blog,,

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