Dun Ringill by David Kantrowitz #38

Thank you to Warp Speed Odyssey for featuring my latest novel, Dun Ringill.  The inspiration for this book was twofold.  First, as a longtime fan of the classic sci-fi novel Roadside Picnic, and the Stalker series of video games that the book inspired, I felt compelled to channel the unique feeling that these worlds imparted upon me into my own writing.  Second, a rather unexpected simpatico was found through the work of the progressive rock group Jethro Tull, and their 1979 album Stormwatch.  Rife with symbolism from lore from the British Isles, this album explores themes that were eerily similar to the Stalker series, though perhaps in ways that were only evident to a few.
The result was a (hopefully) unique story about a planet ravaged by an experiment gone horribly wrong, and the wave of radiation and resulting anomalies that turned a once-thriving colony into a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  When Earth loses contact with Skye, the first large scale off-world colony, the Combined Space Fleet’s Expeditionary Force sends a ship to investigate.  Soon after arrival, the rescue ship crashes on the surface.  There is one survivor, Staff Sergeant Carthage, who must venture forth into the bleak landscape alone, armed only with a rudimentary scanner and whatever weapons he can carry.  He alone must solve the mission of Dun Ringill, unless he can find a few allies along the way.

Author bio:
David Kantrowitz is a bona fide Gen-X’er, raised by an era that produced Star Wars, Aliens, Terminator, Back to the Future, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Nintendo’s surge into the American zeitgeist.  His thirst for adventure resulted in a long military career that began with the US Army infantry and continues in the Air National Guard.  A lifelong martial artist, he enjoys combining realistic combat scenarios with plausible space-faring technology in the form of the Space Opera and Military Science Fiction genres.  David currently lives in northern Connecticut, USA.
Reviews for Dun Ringill:
I really enjoyed this book, great sci-fi, much in the vein of Roadside Picnic. 5/5:  Goodreads Reader

In general a good hard boiled sci-fi romp with monsters, bullets, and science/tech angles to keep you going until the end.
It would make for a nice self-contained movie. 4/5:  Amazon Reader 

Sci-fi usually isn’t my cup of tea. However, all the descriptive words and the narration kept you compelled to the story and wanting more. As it is a book, using descriptive words it really important. Books need to go more in depth about the plot and what characters and the places they are look like, movies can just easily show their viewers without deeply describing it. The narration was not monotoned at all, throughout the book having a deeper voice or the speed in which something was said differentiated characters and other aspects. One thing that I really liked was that the story dove into Carthage’s thoughts so deeply, really analyzing all his options. I also found it interesting about that this planet had human life on it, people, electric cars, schools, etc. It was also nice to see the evolution of Carthage and Siobhan’s relationship. From her being very timid about meeting Carthage, not moving her hand from her gun, to them helping each other. A very good read for anyone into sci-fi and I would recommend it to anyone that is looking to try something new. 4/5: Audible Version Reviewer


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