Hard Right by B.C Bamber #39

The year is 1,000,342. Humanity is spread throughout the galaxy on 8 colonies, all ruled by a dynastic royal family. Two of the colonies are looking for independence and the current Emperor doesn’t want war. But his son Prince Zarka has other ideas.

Don Jackson 09823 works for Cleaner Corp; a much-feared unofficial arm of the military whose job is to euthanize people who have outlived their usefulness. He is sent to down to the streets of LA to track down a vagrant who has been seen wearing a civil servants red tunic. When he finds him, he immediately realises that he is his father, who had disappeared 6 years earlier. Knowing that if he didn’t kill him he would be hunted down by the Secret Police, he sets off with his father to appeal to the Emperor for clemency.

About the Author: B.C.Bamber.

I am an author and journalist who has been published in magazines and newspapers, both online and in print. I have specialised in eco-building methods and materials and fiction, including sci-fi, crime and fantasy.

Hard Right: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08231LD8S

Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.co.uk/B.-C.-Bamber/e/B0034OOHEO

Website: https://bcbamber.wixsite.com/vgbooks/books-page

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