Intelligence Block by Kit Falbo #43

If technology has advanced so far that it is indistinguishable from magic wouldn’t you want to use it to do something magical? That idea built the framework for my book, Intelligence Block. A universe where performers do just that in order to entertain, compete, and explore how far they can take their art. With that level of technology, people need help and are supported by their personal User Intelligences to handle the heavy lifting, social media, and of course the ever-present paperwork. 

Performer Talos June has spent the last five years working as his persona of the ancient and powerful Wizard Joontal, doing shows big and small for the company he works for. He loves his job; even if he’s never achieved the same fame as others. With small things building up he finds himself contemplating a change of pace, that is until his hand is forced.  This high-technology filled adventure takes us on a journey where choices have consequences, and magic can happen with a snap of nano-enhanced fingers. 

The audiobook version of Intelligence Block has been produced by Trevor Wilson and will be out as soon as ACX completes approval. It has been vetted by my very picky offspring who doesn’t care who the author is as long as it is entertaining. 

Author Biography

Neuro-diverse, introspective, head often found in a book, Kit Falbo grew up dreaming of worlds of their own creation or that of other creatives.  They lived with a requirement of needing to understand people in order to manage the real world and books helped provide a guide for that, which was followed up by a degree in Psychology from the University of Oregon. Then he got lost in the shuffle of the post 9-11 economy and other economic downturns. With the release of their first book, The Crafting of Chess, a tale of a  chess hustler playing a fantasy VR game, a path to being an author was forged. Fantasy, poetry, science fiction that is given life when not raising kids.




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Intelligence Block:

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10 thoughts on “Intelligence Block by Kit Falbo #43

  1. This is a great premise. It reminds me of the saying, “Magic is just science we don’t yet understand.” I would love to read this!

    1. I love sci-fi and I am glad I found this blog. Always looking to read something new and different. The mix of magic and science got me in!

  2. This sounds like a really cool premise for the book. I dig the idea of magic and technology being almost indistinguishable. Which with computers these days, especially in movies, the Visual Effects are like magic!

  3. Great to see a spotlight on a fellow neurodivergent author. I really like when a whole story comes out of a simple premise, like this one exploring Clarke’s third law to its logical outcome.

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