Light Travel by Alaura Davis #46

Light Travel is a short story series about a mother and her two children thrust into the sci-fi world of aliens and gods. After divorcing her incarcerated now ex-husband, Grace is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity at Becker and Beck Financial Institute in Orlando, Florida. She takes her sons, Seth and Thad to start a new life away from New York medias prying eyes. Only a few weeks after arriving at their beach house, Grace comes face to face with creatures so horrific, she’s certain she isn’t having a nightmare. Follow Grace on her path to survival.

Hello, my name Alaura Davis and I am the author of the short story series Light Travel. I live in a converted school bus with my family and travel North America. I started writing in Middle School but, I put all my heart and soul into my work, so I have never shared any of my pieces until now. I released Light Travel because I wanted to document a very strange dream that I had. After writing it down, I realized that the plot was crazy, and I felt that I should turn it into a short story. I have always wanted to be a published author so because, I loved Light Travel so much, I decided that I would post the story on Amazon. I was not expecting the outcome that I got. I had so many pre-orders that my book won the Best seller of Short Story Sci-fi and Fantasy. I was probably the most shocked person in the world. As the story was released I had multiple people come to me and tell me that they wanted more, they needed more. So, I set aside another projected and wrote episode 2 which further tells the story of the fire that burns in a mothers heart. I am currently working episode 3 which will be available for pre-order with in the next few weeks. 

Light Travel is available for purchase on Amazon at the link below. You can follow my author page to get updates about upcoming and new releases. 

Light Travel (Light Travel: episode 1)

Star Dust : (Light Travel: episode 2)

Red Giant: Alpha (Light Travel: episode 3)

Red Giant: Beta (Light Travel: episode 4)

“I need to know what happens next!”- anonymous 

“It was really good and does leave you waiting for more.”- Kerry Downs

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20 thoughts on “Light Travel by Alaura Davis #46

  1. That is so cool! This is a perfect example of what happens when you follow your passion and your heart. I have to go check this out!

  2. Light Travel sure does sound like a fascinating read. Alaura also sounds like a fascinating person – how I’d love the freedom of living on a converted school bus.

  3. Nice story. Your story really speaks more than the wind. Am inspired. Thanks

  4. Nice story about you how you live in a refurbished school bus and go around America.

  5. Light travel sounds like an interesting read. I will take a closer look soon. Your lifestyle sounds so interesting actually, a converted school bus!? Wow.

  6. Super cool that you’ve started literally making your dreams a reality. Just wondering, did/do you keep dream journals?

  7. It’s nice when a person’s strength and thought, and the nuances that compose it, can reach others to inspire and induce constructive and creative thinking.

  8. I love her life story, but I love the plot of her short story just as much. I think I could find the time to read a short book right now! I wonder if she would ever consider expanding it out to a full novel. That would kind of a cool idea that I haven’t seen before. But it sounds like it has so much to expand on.

  9. As big fan of sci-fi this sound like a must read. I have always dream of getting in someone else dream and this story being inspire on one of her dreams seems like a good oportunity!

  10. That looks really interesting that life style. I guess you got lot’s of time to write your episodes of Light Travel.

  11. This is awesome, the lifestyle is very interesting. Lot’s of effort put in to make this book happy. Well done.

  12. How wonderful it must have been to have your own book published and praised by many. She is an inspiration to all budding book authors. I want to get a copy of her book series!

  13. I love it when an author’s life sounds just as interesting and as odd as the stories they tell. I can’t quite work out whether this sounds like a horror story or more of an urban fantasy sort of thing, but the dream that inspired it must have been interesting!

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