The Athena Operation by Dalton Cortner #47

The entire universe is being purged.

Seraph Aydrian is the furthest thing from a model soldier. He’s one reprimand away from a dishonorable discharge. Time off from the military didn’t sound so bad. But when the seythra betray the universe and start killing everyone indiscriminately, Seraph knows he is going to have to fight for every second he continues breathing

Forced to band together with soldiers, mercenaries, and civilians, Seraph is tasked with leading the fight against the seythra. He must uncover the sinister plot of why the most-trusted species in the universe turned on everyone at the height of their respect and accomplishments.

Can Seraph and his team put a stop to the chaos and destruction? Or will the seythra put them among the numbers of the dead they’ve amassed?

Don’t miss The Athena Operation, the first of The Athena Operation series by Dalton Cortner! This military sci fi novel will have you fully invested and engrossed!

About the author:

Dalton Cortner is the author of “The Athena Operation” series.

He was an avid reader as a child, devouring any book he could get his hands on. This translated into writing his own stories in his teens, and ultimately publishing his first novel “The Athena Operation” in 2016.

Dalton spent the next several years writing–and reading–to help hone his craft and add to his writing toolbox. It provided to be an invaluable experience. He was able to grow as an author and plans to release several of those books, plus new novels he’s writing.

In 2019 the prequel short story “Forsaken Earth” was released, adding another entry into The Athena Operation series. “The Athena Operation” is due to be re-released in May of 2020. 

Dalton crafts his stories with a precise balance between character and world-building, and strives to not lose the reader’s attention for even a second. He enjoys exploring the motivations of each character, digging into their personalities and examining how they react to difficult choices and hard-hitting consequences.
You won’t find any black and white morality in his stories. The worlds are always painted with shades of gray. This is intentional, and as the layers are peeled back on situations and characters, he reveals more about the world and those who make it up.
A lifelong fan of video games, books, comics, and movies, Dalton’s always been fascinated with sci-fi the most. The vast emptiness of space paints a picture of limitless possibilities, and he enjoys exploring them with his writing. 
In his spare time, when he’s not writing or working on his next story, he loves kicking back and enjoying a thrilling movie or getting immersed in a deep video game.

Originally from Wichita, KS, he now lives in Harrisburg, PA with his loving wife Alyssa, their two dogs Lacey & Sport, and two cats Leia & Binx. He is hard at work on his next story.  

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