Samdroid by Euclid Ferrara #49

Howdy from Big Yuke! Hope everyone is doing okay in the lockdown. Stressed? Restless? Anxious and not sleeping? Yeah, me too, buddy, me too…

            If this was a book jacket, it would read, “Euclid Ferrara was born in sunny San Diego and has not strayed too far from there ever since.” I’m not one to go on about myself, or to hype myself like I just written a Magnum Opus. I think humility is a lost art, especially these days when everyone is a sparkling dew drop on God’s cosmic left tit. For real, be humble, and remember thou art mortal, fool. 

            For those of you that need to know though, I’m the only ASE Master Tech with a Batchelor’s Degree that I know of. What does that say about me? Damned if I know—maybe that I’m indecisive. Whatever it means, the end result is that I approach everything with one foot planted deep in my busted-knuckle, blue-collar roots while, at the same time, aspiring to loftier ambitions as I attempt to deconstruct the world around us through literature.

            Am I sounding like a portentous author yet? Good, I think its working.

            Real talk, though, I enjoy a good yarn full of blood and swash as much as I do higher-level, thought-provoking hipster stuff. Throughout my work I’ve tried to establish a hybrid of both these concepts and hope to reach an audience interested in this kind of thing. If not, I suppose its back to the drawing-board; maybe a career in erotic fan-fic won’t be so bad, just as long as I can find enough hand-sanitizer to absorb a soaker-tub quantity of self-loathing and shame on a daily basis. 

             Like many of you, I’ve found myself with some extra time on my hands and figured that there was no better time to get these stories out of my head and into yours. This week’s story is Samdroid ™. Yes, Samdroid with a TM. This short story is set in a fictional universe where armies no longer fight under flags, but under corporate logos. To complicate matters further, all the women of the world have given up on the dudes and gone on to greener pastures. The story starts off with a day like any other, until the Sarge lays on his boys that he just might have found the reason all wars have been fought for, ever, and its riding into their neck of the woods in the back of an armored car.

            You could call this a satire of jingoistic military sci-fi with a less-than light sprinkling of homoeroticism and snark. Being born an American military brat in the late 70s, I was raised with the steady stream of hoorah-hetero-apple-pie-lets-all-die-in-a-third-world-war playing constantly in the background and I thought I’d take a jab at all that jive with this story. Like I said, I enjoy taking a trope of my youth and turning it on its head.

            If this sounds like your kind of bag, and you own a kindle, head on over to Amazon and send me $2.99! (I promise, it’s not for beer.)

            Stay sane, stay safe (ish),

            Euclid Ferrara.

44 thoughts on “Samdroid by Euclid Ferrara #49

  1. I enjoy short stories, they are easier to get through than novels. This sounds like a cool story, at the heart of any good story is some evil and good corporation. haha

  2. This short story sounds good. The idea of corporations taking over countries and becoming factions that wages war on each other is interesting.

  3. The plot as you have described here has me intrigued. This sounds like you have put together a good, imaginative read. I think I need to check this out, particularly while at home. Great time to get into this.

  4. Sometimes reading fiction with this kind of plot can feel too much like real life! You are very creative.

  5. Short stories are great and I enjoy them thoroughly. This book sounds interesting I will try reading this. A prefect activity I suppose during this lockdown. Thank you for sharing ☺️

  6. Holy. Moly. I have to read this. The concept is amazing. I can honestly say I’ve never read Scifi that has humor in it. It’s usually ultra-serious. Which is cool, but this seems like a nice change of pace.

  7. This is why I love this blog if I am bored and want some good sci-fi to read, you always have something perfect!

  8. Interesting concept! I don’t think we’re all that far from some aspects of that becoming a reality… mercenaries are already available for hire so perhaps at some point armies will, too. Scary but I’m sure a thrilling book to dive into.

  9. Every time I visit your blog, I learn something new and this is no exception. This time your short story Samdroid. I can’t wait to read more!

  10. I love short stories and even more impressed that you wrote it. I like the fact that lockdown has given us all some time to do some amazing things. Your story has intrigued me.

  11. I never liked short stories until recently. Being stuck indoors has made me appreciate them more. This seems like a great place to start ❤️

  12. This story sounds very interesting. I will definitely check its available from Amazon. Hope it is available 🙂

  13. I like reading short story and this one looks really an interesting one. I’ll have to check this.

  14. I can say that you have a very wide imagination, and thanks for letting those out of your mind and sharing them to us! looking forward to more of your stories.. 🙂

  15. Anything to do with military has always excited me. I wanted to join the Army but my physique was good enough. This story seems quite exciting and would be fun to read.

  16. That must be a good short story packed with lots of action. Also it must be weird a world without women.

  17. I must read this! I am always interested in altered reality stories. They are fascinating.

  18. This sounds like an interesting realistic story to read. Will definitely give this a try.

  19. I just read military sci-fi and I am in! Also, I wonder why women give up on men or they just disappear? Thinking about a world withput woman looks like a big big mess

  20. I am not in lockdown, I am from sweden an we’re only practicing social distancing. It has been working quite good 🙂

  21. Anything that has miloitay involved excites me and is completely my type of thing. I loved your way of writing by the way, it is really good. And wow, I will check this one out.

  22. I love short stories. I have some time this weekend so maybe I’ll give it a read.

  23. It’s great to get to know the authors better! I really wonder why all the women of the world gave up on the guys and what are they doing now. I have to check out the book for sure.

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