Luna Maru’s Sci-Fi art #51

My name’s Luna Maru , I‘m an 18 year old queer artist, born and raised in Austria. I love nothing more than telling stories, which is why I try to capture them within my drawings, be it a whole scene or just characters and landscapes.

I have a fascination with themes of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, with foreign worlds and fantastic beings. My creations oftentimes fall somewhere inbetween those two genres and mix together, blending magic and technology, aliens and deities. Another passion of mine is writing and I aspire to make my own webcomic one day as I improve both my writing and drawing skills. 

Ein Bild, das Mobiltelefon, bedeckt, ausgestaltet, Telefon enthält.

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Nightsky: A being from another plain, a deity from an alien world. No prayers spoken in their name, no sacrifices are made to them. There isn’t even an awareness to their existence. But still they carry on, allow the moon to take its course and make the planet turn. An entire world at the hands of their benevolence. 

Ein Bild, das Wasser, Essen enthält.

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Abyss: A portal leading nowhere, a feeling of emptiness burrowed in her chest. Will the void ever be filled? Or will it just eternally draw everything in that comes too close, warp and corrupt it? Will she be corrupted by her own emptiness too? And let her own misery consume all of her being? It’s all under her own control.

Ein Bild, das Kuchen, sitzend, Tisch, Geburtstag enthält.

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House on the Hill: Remains of a lost war, skin and bones of an once mighty alien warrior. An enemy? A friend? What does it matter. In the end, they’re dead. A composing body amidst a field of wildflowers.

Ein Bild, das Tisch enthält.

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In Space No One Can Hear You Scream: An empty, uncaring universe. No place to take shelter, no place to settle down. The great infinite with no other place than Earth, that can bear life. Will the search ever end? Or will it go on forever? Maybe all that lies beyond the stars is a graveyard of life that could have been.

Ein Bild, das Kuchen, Spielzeug, Tisch, Geburtstag enthält.

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Menagerie: Genetic experimentations, creatures are taken apart and put together as something new. An entirely new stage of evolution; never thought to be possible. But what is the purpose of this new life? What is it’s meaning? Perhaps all they’ll ever be are curiosities to be gawked at.

Ein Bild, das darstellend, Mann enthält.

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The Scientist and the Beast: A cyborg, the fusion of human and machine. A once sickly and dying body returned to life, indestructible and immortal. But what good is it at the price of one’s memories? Of one’s humanity? Is a new life worth the complete erasure of your old one? 

Ein Bild, das Tisch, Kuchen, sitzend, Frau enthält.

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Fancy Tea Party: A meeting among friends at the edge of the universe. Chatter in a strange and foreign language, combined with the sipping of tea and clattering of porcelain. Discussions of the fate of all life or just mindless gossip. Who can tell?

23 thoughts on “Luna Maru’s Sci-Fi art #51

  1. Oh wow! These are really good. I love her use of color. These pieces are so vibrant.

  2. That is such some beautiful artwork my favorite one is the no one can hear you scream in space.

  3. I really love every book review you share. They are so cool. My bucket list goes up and up everytime I visit your pahe..

  4. Your illustrations are really great and also the stories that they tell. I think that I like Nightsky one the best. Good luck with your webcomic!

  5. There’s a really beautiful kind of uncanniness to some of these. Really evocative! I could see, like, a surreal animated show set in a world stylised this way.

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