Garbage In, Gospel Out (2020) #56

Working at the Bureau sounds like quite a serious job. Especially when the Bureau is involved in the falsification of information and time travel.

Book Description:

Garbage In, Gospel Out was written by Jean-Paul L Garnier. Published on January 1, 2020, the book has a length of 100 pages and is technically a novella. Garbage In, Gospel Out was published by Space Cowboy Books which also produces the podcast Simultaneous Times. Space Cowboy Books is also a Sci-Fi book store in Joshua Tree, California.


The story is about Frank who works at the Bureau, which is a corporate organization that falsifies information about time travel. As Frank is doing a seemingly good job at falsifying reports, he gets himself a little bit too close to the truth. What will Frank be faced with as time goes on? Only the future can tell, or maybe the past.

Praise and critiques:

Personally, I think that the story in this book was really good. The writing style is original. Nothing that I had encountered before. Some parts of the story are dreamy to read and a bit confusing, but Jean-Paul told me that the book was written in a way that the text was open to interpretation. Furthermore, I do enjoy reading short stories. I personally like them because you can read them in one session. Garbage In, Gospel Out, even though it was short, was a very complete story that kept me captivated until the end.


I mostly recommend this book to science fiction fans. This book is a great book that is not too long to read, perfect for beginners who are afraid of the massive novels that are out there. Furthermore, it is a great tale of time travel that will please all the time travelers.


This book deserves four point five stars out of five because it was original, riveting, and has a unique style that charmed me.

Special Thanks:

I would like to thank Jean-Paul L Garnier for sending me some books to review and supporting Warp Speed Odyssey since the beginning.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Garbage in, Gospel out

24 thoughts on “Garbage In, Gospel Out (2020) #56

  1. This sounds like a great book. And right now since I have about negative 2 hours a day, I might actually be able to find the time to read this one. Thank you for your review.

  2. This sounds like a good one. I’m always a big fan of time travel anything. It’s fascinating. I’ll give it a read for sure.

  3. I am currently looking for a good book to read and I think this one is the best. I am going to get a copy of it, thank you!

  4. This sounds a good read. I am curious if that kind of Bureau do exist in real life.

  5. Awesome, that sounds like a great book. It is always nice to have some short reads, in between some of those massive 500 plus page books.

  6. I must say that I like the title and that drawing of smiling lips is quite effective. I bet it’s a sizzling read.

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