Off World by Charles Borchard #61

What is the spark of life? How many years can pass before it’s too late to fix our mistakes? Off World begins with a young man named Jasper South waking from a ten year stay in cryostasis. He’s woken forty years early by his former employee, Phillip Swan, who has lived those ten long years entangled in a world of illegal, state-of-the-art science and the criminal underworld. Jasper finds that a dark conspiracy has put not only his life in danger, but the lives of those he loves. The book is heavily inspired by the aesthetic dark-fable worlds of ALIEN and BLADE RUNNER, as well as conversation-style films like BEFORE SUNRISE and MY DINNER WITH ANDRE. Aiming to do something different with the science-fiction genre.

About the author:

Charles is an award-winning English filmmaker and writer. He was awarded the Mike Newell Prize for Best Directing, for his film The Demon and the Child. Charles graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Television Production.

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