Strangeways (2020) #71

Emily has been chosen. In a nonviolent invasion of Earth, humans have learned to accept alien presence among them. Though now comes the next part of the invasion as the aliens begin to partner up with humans.

Book Description:

Strangeways by Addison Cain is a science fiction erotica novel. A short but steamy read at 112 pages. Strangeways was published on on January 24, 2020. It is available in both paperback and kindle editions.


Aliens have integrated themselves into Earth society with the ultimate plan of partnering up with humans, and assimilation of both species. The alien species, though never given a name in this book, are exclusively male, and therefore, looking for human female mates. Their arrival comes in time with a shortening in lifespan for human males, which our hero Emily discovers might not be such a coincidence after all.

Praises and Critiques:

The sex scenes are effectively steamy. There’s enticing ideas of shapeshifting genitals and assimilation by both alien and human partners changing to become more alike each other each time they copulate. The main character is black, which is a welcome bit of diversity in a painfully heterosexual plot.

However, there is a power dynamic that rubs me the wrong way. While Phi is a caring and sensitive partner to Emily, they are only together because Phi had chosen her and Emily submits to this choice. It becomes clear in the story that with the aliens’ presence on Earth, Emily does not have a choice when it comes to a partner. She could reject Phi, but that only leaves her vulnerable to being claimed by another alien who might not be as considerate. In a way, it feels like a gilded cage for Emily, and glossed over with the fact that Phi is actually a better partner to her than male humans have been.

I’m thankful for some ending details that almost make up for it. At one point, I thought Phi was going to force childbearing on Emily – though it’s clearly stated that he is prepared to wait for her to be ready to have kids. And he allows and also gives her the opportunity to go to college, which hey, didn’t expect from an erotica, but it’s nice to see that Emily has autonomy over her future.


For anyone who is intrigued by the idea of getting to know another intelligent species in bed.


4.5 stars out of 5. Sexy and intriguing, though plot

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Robin Rose Graves
Robin Rose Graves

Not much is known about Robin Rose Graves. Originally spawned on the post-industrial grounds of Buffalo, NY. Theoretically, she could be a writer and a poet.

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