Michal Friku Handke’s Sci-Fi Art #73

“meva3” Spraypaint and ink A3


I like to go through the science fiction art hashtags and explore all the beautiful drawings, paintings, and digital art pieces. Sometimes, I meet some awesome artists and convince them to come and talk about their Sci-Fi art. Today’s featured artist is Michal Friku Handke. Michal is a self-taught Polish artist who uses pencils, inks, and spray paint to express his artistic passion. His art has been greatly influenced by Graffiti and Sci-Fi cultures.

Making a living:

Michal is currently taking orders for some artwork. He has completed some really nice pieces for customers that are stunning. You can place some orders at any time on his business FaceBook page and he will try his best to meet your needs. Also, it’s the right place to check out all of his great work.

Michal Friku Handke’s Sci-Fi Art
Fallen angel 💔 Pencil Work A1

My opinion:

I think his art is really awesome. The mix of Graffiti art and Sci-Fi themed illustrations personally work for me. Furthermore, the spray paint backgrounds are beautiful and mingle well with the traditionally painted spaceship. My favorite illustration is “Behind the moon-planetoid base”, featured just below, because it reminds me of the really old science fiction movies I used to watch when I was young.

Behind the moon-planetoid base A1 pencil work
“home back” Spray Paint and inks A1

In conclusion:

To conclude, I would like to say that Michal Friku Handke is a great guy and does some great art. If you want to connect with him, send him a friend request on FaceBook he will be glad to connect with anyone interested in his art. You can also follow his FaceBook page to support him.

Spray Paint and inks A1 DJ banner
My walls

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Steven Morrissette
Steven Morrissette

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