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The Soviets were the first to put a woman in space, should we also be sending children? Three kids set off on a life changing adventure to the stars and have to work together to make the mission a success. The adult captain of the ship falls sick and it’s all up to the thirteen year old commander to make the right decisions.

Movie description:

The Big Space Travel aka A Great Space Voyage is a Russian science fiction film made in 1975, directed by Valentin Selivanov and starring LudmilaBerlinskaya, Sergei Obrazov, and Igor Sakharov. It is based on the play The First Three, or the Year of 2001… by Sergey Mikhalkov.


Three children are selected for the Soviet space program and are sent on a mission. When their captain comes down with an illness and is quarantined one of the children is put in charge and it is up to them to complete the mission without adult supervision.

Praise and critiques:

This film is geared towards children and is generally a propaganda piece designed to get young people interested in the space program. Once you get to the end it is almost a recruiting film. The set design and spaceships were great but overall the story is pretty hokey. There are also several goofy dance scenes, and some of the story is told through musical montages with lyrics about the film. The children in charge of the mission overcome many adversities including meteor showers, distress calls, and EVAS. The scene when they are under stress have some pretty cool shots of space through the ship’s windows. Spoiler: it was all a simulation.


Fans of Soviet sci-fi may find it interesting how propaganda was used to influence the youth.


2.5 of 5, a fun but ultimately forgettable film.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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Jean-Paul Garnier
Jean-Paul Garnier

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