Chase The Boy Who Hid by Z. Jeffries #78

Don’t hide from your feelings.

Hide from the killer robot hunting you.

Chase’s grandad has been missing for so long that the old man’s declared dead. But Chase doesn’t believe it. Grandad was too smart. So when the opportunity arises for Chase to work with Grandad’s old research and development team, the boy gets a job as an intern. Only this team isn’t researching, it’s developing futuristic stealth technology. And they expect the intern to fly it.

As Chase learns more and more about Grandad’s disappearance, he grows closer to his team. As he gets better at flying the tech, he catches feelings for the team navigator. The clues to Grandad’s vanishing as well as the livelihood of his team all depend on Chase’s performance in “the game.” The government’s top-secret stealth technology demonstration is also the last place Grandad was seen. It’s a game of hide and seek with robots, clones, telepaths, and a time-traveling ninja.

Now Chase is in over his head. Now the game turns deadly, and Chase can barely survive. Now Chase must decide if learning the truth about his father is worth betraying his team.

Read this science-fiction adventure full of wonder and fast-paced action on October 15, 2020!

Chase: The Boy Who Hid, Book 1 in the Hide & Seek Sci-Fi Adventure Series is perfect
for readers who love:

-Following a main character who is a double-agent growing to trust the team they’ll betray like from Marie Lu’s Warcross and Wildcard.

-The plot structure of Hunger Games with the first half of the book as preparation and second half as elimination gameplay.

-The exploration of childhood grief through STE(A)M adventures like The Many Worlds of Albie Bright.

-The dichotomy of new kid jitters and international espionage of Stuart Gibbs’ Spy School series.

-Real-world science explored and taken to ridiculous extremes.

-Giant Robots

-Mech suits

-Time-traveling ninjas

Readers have said:

“A fun, fast-paced sci-fi novel.”

“I (heart) this series.”

“Cool tech and a high stakes military game of hide and seek create an action-packed plot
for a book that, at its heart, is about a boy looking for his grandad and finding himself.”


“ An exciting diverse adventure full of feelings and amazing characters to love.”

“ I really enjoyed the book. It had a great plot, and I liked all the representation.” -Eli,
age 12

Z Jeffries can’t wait for you to read his debut YA novel. A son of an English teacher, one of his earliest memories was after a day at kindergarten, sitting in the back of his mom’s classroom and listening to her describe Dr. Jekyll reeling from the violence of Mr. Hyde. Under various names, he’s written, produced, and directed theatre in Chicago and along the east coast, as well as published several adult short stories. His interests include space travel, cheese, and whether cheese will be allowed during space travel. He lives in American suburbia with his wife, daughter, dog, and garden. Visit just for
the heck of it.

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