Dark Nebula: Isolation by Sean Willson #93

Hello all! My name is Sean Willson and I’m a Science Fiction author. It feels strange writing that sometimes. I’ve always dreamed of writing a science fiction series but it took a long time to build the confidence to finally act on it.

Dark Nebula: Isolation is my debut novel as an author. The idea came to me nearly five years ago while I was traveling far too much for work. I missed my wife and children and was tired of spending my evenings watching television in my hotel, so as I said earlier, I decided to scratch the writing itch.

You see, I’ve wanted to write a book since I was a kid, but self-doubt prevailed and I convinced myself I couldn’t possibly pull it off. Anyhow, after a few work trips filled with mental debate and stir-crazy nights, I began learning everything I could about writing, editing, marketing, and self-publishing books. After a few years of writing exercises, brainstorming, outlines, and applied learnings, the Dark Nebula series was born.

This first book, Dark Nebula: Isolation, follows President Abigail Olivaw of the Confederation of Planetary Explorers as an invading alien force known as the Galactic Alliance appears suddenly in Sol. She’s thrust into defending mankind in an alien galactic tribunal. With her family worlds away, she enlists the help of her A.I. to help turn the tide.

Light years from Sol, our first colony in Epsilon Eridani is battling with both an alien super virus and internal political power struggles. Major Lync Michaels and Director Joyce Green are forced to choose to defend their colony or answer a call to arms light years away. What they both uncover shakes the very foundation on which the colony was formed.

Can they all mend their fractured pasts to save humanity or are they millennia too late?

I wrote this book long before this world pandemic we’re all living in today. The virus in this book isn’t an attempt to reflect on today’s society, but I’ll admit, there are some eerie parallels. Don’t worry though, it’s an entertaining sci-fi romp through an alien world, not a reminder of our everyday life.

The ideas for many of characters in the Dark Nebula series are based upon my children and their ever-changing personalities. As I was traveling, I wanted to find a way to capture their young personalities in my writing and remind them what it meant to be inspired and forced to adapt to new things. Life is an adventure, and as long as we never lose sight of that, we’ll take on every new challenges with gusto and excitement.


Sean Willson is a debut sci-fi author with his Dark Nebula series. He hails from the Charlotte North Carolina area with his wife and kids. When he’s not at his day job as an Engineering Manager, he’s off having fun playing with his three energetic children or writing his next book in this series. He started reading science fiction as a young child and was drawn to the fantastical imagery and the ideas that could be explored and brought to life by the written word.

If you’re interested reading Dark Nebula: Isolation you can purchase it on Amazon. For more on Sean Willson, his website is a great place to start. You can also snatch a FREE novella entitled Dark Nebula: Contact by joining his newsletter.

Some early reviews of Dark Nebula: Isolation:

With action, political intrigue, scheming artificial intelligence, centuries-old families harboring dark secrets, and mountains (and mountains!) of new technology, Sean Willson’s debut novel is a roiling adventure into the pivotal moment of an intergalactic conflict that’s been brewing for centuries. A giant space opera with hints of classic science fiction in the vein of Asimov and E.E. Smith, Dark Nebula: Isolation is a sprawling story of trust, responsibility, and self-discovery that will appeal to fans of science fiction young and old. — A. Dahms

I loved this action, sci-fi thriller. I could not put the book down. It’s a fast paced novel, Sean Willson has written a winner! — Marvin O.

Willson’s writing is swift and smooth and he delivers a nicely balanced mix of dialogue, action and description. It’s sci-fi so there is plenty of technology, but it doesn’t stand in the way of character development and plot. Technology is important, but it doesn’t feel as being overused. Every now and then Willson adds an unexpected twist and manages to surprise his readers, and this trick too isn’t overdone. — A. Philo

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