Simultaneous Times Vol. 1 (2018) #100

When a couple of sci-fi authors comes together and release an anthology, you can always be sure to be delighted by the depths of their imaginations.

Book description:

Simultaneous Times Vol.1 is the first in a series of science fiction anthologies from Space Cowboy Books. It is a companion book to the Simultaneous Times podcast and features many of the authors and stories which have appeared in the podcast. The first volume features authors from California and will be followed up by Simultaneous Times Vol.2 in the spring of 2021, containing many new voices in science fiction.


In this book, you will find multiple short stories that are all interesting. Some of my favorites include an interplanetary dinosaur hunt, people using drugs made of animal hormones, and an orbital station engineer who turns into a spiritual guru.

Praises and critiques:

I love the format of this book. Anthologies are great because you can read a complete story in one reading session. The short stories in Simultaneous Times Vol. 1 were all good and entertaining. Their plots all so different and surprising. Overall, the book was excellent reading material and well written. I have to say that I am looking forward to reading Simultaneous Times Vol. 2.


I recommend this book to all the Sci-Fi lovers but also the new readers who would like to get into the Sci-Fi genre and don’t know where to start.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I think this anthology deserves 4.5 stars because it was entertaining, it was composed of original stories, and was well written.

Reviewed by:

Steven Morrissette
Steven Morrissette

Steven Morrissette is the founder and major contributor to the online science fiction blog/journal Warp Speed Odyssey.

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