GLORIA, a medical doctor and daughter of an illustrious Biochemist, was kidnapped on a strange night, by three of the children of the biblical Lilith, an ancient yet powerful Queen and first woman created.

To fulfill a doomsday prophecy, they resurrected their mother in the body of GLORIA.

Lilith was the villain to usher in the apocalypse. She was LUCIFER’S first human lover when he fell from heaven. But banished him to hell in order to protect her family. Now, the powerful Queen seeked ways in the form of a bloodbath ritual to bring back her lover.

The fate of our world rested in the hands of three powerful teenagers birthed on the same day, to different parents, in different locations; MUEJIZHAN a Nigerian, MILIAGRO an American of Mexican descent and PRISSILA the daughter of a late Indian business man and an American woman. But will they help to save our world or help end it? when one of the three teenagers, is the reincarnation of one of Lilith’s original children.

Though Lilith’s major aim was to bring back her lover, LUCIFER, from hell to rule by her side as leaders of the next generation. Using the body of GLORIA and the advantages of GLORIA’s father’s company to create a pandemic virus that granted her the bloodbath she needed to bring back the Devil.

Did she succeed and was aided by her child who is destined to help stop the Apocalypse or was she stopped by the powerful force of the Earthly Trinity to preserve our very own existence…?

About the author:

I’m an undergraduate of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. A creative fictional writer, with some of my articles and ebooks published on Amazon, Twitter, Wattpad http://voyce.me and more. I’ve got a podcast channel based on paranormal and fictional facts… Although my grammatical prowess ain’t perfect, but my imaginatinative works, bring readers and listeners to challenge their own believes…

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