#106 – Galactic Hellcats 2021 – Book Review

All female biker gang in space! What more could you want? The girls have got their solo-flyers and are heading for adventure exploring the galaxy and finding their way into mischief. Meet Ki, Margot, and Zuleikah – the Galactic Hellcats – an unlikely gang of friends that’s destined for greatness, or at the very least infamy.

Book description:

Galactic Hellcats is a science fiction novel by Marie Vibbert, published by Vernacular Books on March 9th 2021.


A series of mishaps leads a group of young women together and they unwittingly start a gang, complete with solo-flyers, a sort of one person motorcycle-like space ship. Adventure ensues and they get into all kinds of trouble around the solar system and beyond. As they experience troubles and trials friendships form and strengthen, all the while running from the law.

Praise and critiques:

If you’re looking for a fun, quick read, look no further. Galactic Hellcats is a page turner, filled with adventure and intrigue. Biker gals ransack the cosmos and cause a hoopla in their wake. They move from petty theft to evading the police and eventually even kidnapping/rescuing a prince, in a fun reversal of roles. Vibbert’s characters are strong and the writing is clean, all leading to a great read. I couldn’t help but feel that the book was leading up to a sequel, and I hope that it does, because once you get to know the Galactic Hellcats, you’re going to want to go on another adventure with these folks. One of the things I really appreciated about this book is that the characters all come from a variety of backgrounds, and these difference in upbringing give all the characters realistic and different worldviews. Galactic Hellcats is Vibbert’s debut novel, and let’s hope there are many more to come, because this is a strong book.


Fans of fun adventurous science fiction will love this book.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

4 of 5, undeniably fun adventure.

Reviewed by:

Jean-Paul Garnier
Jean-Paul Garnier

Jean-Paul L. Garnier lives and writes in Joshua Tree, CA where he is the owner of Space Cowboy Books.

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  1. I absolutely need to read this. It feels a bit like a book version of Borderlands. Very cool.

  2. This sounds like a great book! An al female biker gang in space- definitely gonna get this book.

  3. Been looking for something to read so that I have another to look forward reading to. This seems interesting to me so I guess I found another one to line up.

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