#107 – Fragmented Evil 2020 – Book Review

Do you have what it takes to dive into this horror anthology that will chill you to the bones? There are multiple stories all unique and horrific, you have been warned. 

Book description: 

Fragmented Evil was written by Craig Wrightson and independently published on November 10, 2020. The book has a length of 429 pages and contains 8 horror shorts. 


Story 1 – Marked for Death – A cursed twenty-pound note brings horrific death to all who come to be in its possession.  Who will it meet on its travels and what will their fate be?

Story 2 – Tortured Souls – A group of Urban Explorers entering an abandoned asylum encounter more than they had bargained for as horrors of the past resurface looking for answers and revenge.

Story 3 – The Resurrection Men – Two Victorian grave robbers spend a terrifying night trying to complete their order from Dr. Reuben. Dr. Reuben is a crazed surgeon who does not accept failure in any form.

Story 4 – Contagious – Hiding from nightmares of his past, Dr. John Andrews receives a late-night call from his ex-boss. From there he travels to the Ukraine where he must beat the clock to locate his missing ex-girlfriend. Is John fit to return and is he prepared for the horror that he must once again face?

Story 5 – The Haunting of Back Beck House – Whilst visiting his sick Grandma in a remote hospital, Chris Allan brushes aside her rantings of murderous ghosts. But what if his Grandma is correct and true evil is afoot.

Story 6 – Der Devil Kommando – Separated from his unit during a bloody battle, Corporal Morris stumbles upon an unmarked SS camp. Here he witnesses evil in the creation. He must put a stop to the craziness at any cost. The end of the war depends on it.

Story 7 – Specimen 1 – Colin Porter, an ex-special forces veteran is rescued from the streets by the beautiful and mysterious Charlotte. The reason? He has no idea. Soon it becomes obvious that he has been chosen to deal with the dregs of society one last time.

Story 8 – The Calling – The summer solstice, a school trip into the wilderness, and a full moon. What could possibly go wrong? For three sixth form student’s life will never be the same.

Praises and critiques:

First and foremost I wanted to say that the book’s cover is really nice and the font that was chosen for the book was pleasant for the eyes. I think that it is important to choose a good font and formatting that makes the book stand out. 

Now let’s dig into the real stuff. The book was an excellent read that captivated me until the end. All eight stories were scary, original, and extremely gory. Additionally, the writing style of Craig is well developed and soon becomes a narrative in your head where you barely see the words on the page. Fragmented Evil was a true page-turner that I could just not put down.


I recommend this awesome book to all horror fans but be warned it is gory and not for sensitive hearts.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I give 4.5 stars to Fragmented Evil for its original content and its ability to spook you out.

Reviewed by:

Steven Morrissette
Steven Morrissette

Steven Morrissette is the founder and major contributor to the online science fiction blog/journal Warp Speed Odyssey.

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14 thoughts on “#107 – Fragmented Evil 2020 – Book Review

  1. It was a pleasure to work with Steven. He genuinely takes the time to get to know the author (me) and asks many questions regarding the story, the thoughts behind the plotting, characters etc. Look forward to working with Steven again.

  2. That sounds as if it is an interesting read. I tend to read more history and personal development but I do know some people who would enjoy such a book.

  3. This sounds like a great read! I enjoy all types of genres, and I really love collected short stories and novellas, so I’m very eager to read this one.

  4. Aww yeah. Now this is the booi for me. Collected stories are great becaues they don’t require a huge commitment, and the synopsis of each of these all sound fantastic.

  5. I actually really love short stories as I’m so incredibly busy that I find it hard to finish a whole book nowadays. Horror is not a genre I delve into much but I’m open to a good tale that’s for sure!

  6. To be honest, when I started reading your review I did not really feel like this for me but – I do think I would enjoy reading this, so thanks for the tip 🙂

  7. Fragmented Evil sounds really interesting.I going to read this book definitely.Thanks for sharing

  8. To be honest I don’t think I could handle these books as I can’t even handle horror movies lol, but I do have friends who love horror!! I will have to let them know about this book!

  9. Oh snap! Sounds pretty good but the horror and gore is really affecting me nowadays. I’m sure it’s written very vividly, though!

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