Hyperloop #12

Virgin’s Hyperloop One may soon revolutionize the travel industries. The concept was popularized by Elon Musk and then offered by one of his companies as an open-source technology to be shared by all. Virgin then decided to pick it up and started its testing in 2017. The idea is to propel a capsule that carries […]

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Oumuamua #9

What exactly is Oumuamua, is it an asteroid, a comet or even maybe an interstellar spaceship? One thing is for sure, it does not originate from the solar system. Initially, it as been cataloged as 1I/2017 U1 by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and then baptized Oumuamua by the Pan-STARRS team who discovered the mysterious […]

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Immortality #8

Life is too short and it goes by in a blink of an eye. Humans have always tried to find ways to expend their lifespan. As our civilization has evolved, we have developed medical technologies that permit us to cure disease and heal injuries, which as greatly increase the lifespan of humans. Other factors like […]

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How will Nanotechnologies impact our lives #7

Nanotechnology is a relatively new branch of science that deals with scales the size of 100 nanometers or less. Basically, it’s engineering at the level of individual atoms or molecules. Currently, nanotechnologies are mostly used to enhance existing materials like carbon nanotubes and other nanocomposites. Scientists claim that eventually, nanotechnologies will have a considerable impact […]

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Cyborg #6

The cyborg that is also known as a cybernetic organism, is a theme of science fiction that is already present in our modern society. As a matter of fact, robotic prosthetics are currently being utilized to replace amputees missing limbs. We are pretty far away from what we see in science fiction movies and books, […]

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AI Takeover #5

Artificial Intelligence as already started to emerge in all kinds of different forms. From an algorithm that shows you some adds of what you like on your internet browser to the medical assistant that helps doctors make some diagnosis on the health conditions of their patients. There is a lot of big tech companies that […]

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Space Tourism #4

I like to imagine that in the near future, we will be able to go to the local travel agency and browse through an amazing variety of space trips and activities. That idea has already been kickoff by private companies such as Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and SpaceX. As a matter of fact, those private […]

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Terraforming of Mars #3

Lately, in the news, we have heard a lot about Elon Musk’s project of colonizing the Planet Mars. His plan is to start building a colony on Mars before the end of his life. But imagine a colony that does not need to stay in the protective bubbles of the man-made structures they built. A […]

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Kardashev Scale #2

Have you ever consider that there is out there, in the vastness of the universe, some other civilization that could be much more advanced than our own? Even if you are not a fan of science fiction you probably had that thought cross your mind at least once in your life right? How could we […]

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Dyson Sphere #1

In science fiction, we observe all kinds of space structures that allow our imagination to wonder about some amazing feats of engineering. The Dyson sphere is definitely one of them. This hypothetical megastructure was first described by Olaf Stapledon, in his book Star Maker, which was published in 1937. He describes a solar system surrounded […]

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