the city in the middle of the night (2019)

What rhythms remain important to people living on a tidally locked planet? Can culture be governed by a clock? A young girl finds out as she comes of age on the planet January and befriends a species of alien that share their memories through the sense of touch. Book description: The City in the Middle of […]

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Complete Darkness (2019)

When scientists finally unraveled the secrets of the dark matter, they stumble on a Complete Darkness, the incarnation of hell, that threatens the existence of humanity. Book Description: Complete Darkness is a science fiction novel with a touch of fantasy that flirts with theology. The book was written by Matt Adcock and was published on […]

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Garbage In, Gospel Out (2020)

Working at the Bureau sounds like quite a serious job. Especially when the Bureau is involved in the falsification of information and time travel. Book Description: Garbage In, Gospel Out was written by Jean-Paul L Garnier. Published on January 1, 2020, the book has a length of 100 pages and is technically a novella. Garbage […]

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#2016 (2019)

The United States’ presidential election of #2016 was controversial and shrouded with incertitude. Here is what Lorene Funk Accardo has to say about it. Book description: Written by Lorene Funk Accardo, #2016 was publish July 1st, 2019. The book is available in paperback and Kindle version as well. The book as a length of 237 […]

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Childhood’s End (1953)

If aliens would come to Earth to unify the human race and teach us how to create better technologies, would they be doing this for us or for them? Childhood’s End was written by the British author Arthur C. Clarke, a legend amongst the science fiction writing community. The book was first published in 1953 […]

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Canaan (2020)

What do you think society would become if we could travel four lightyears away and start our civilization over on a new planet? Book description: David Salvi does a great job in depicting human nature whether it’s on Earth or on a distant planet four light years away. In his book Canaan, which was published […]

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