The High Crusade (1960) #86

Science fiction and fantasy come together in this classic tale of adventure and traveling to the stars. The middle ages meet the future as blaster meets sword in a cascade of hilarious nonsense. What would English knights do given the chance to meet aliens? Kill them and take over their planets, of course.

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The Weight of Stars (2019) #77

Every night, Alexandria climbs onto her roof in hopes of catching recordings sent from her mother in space, until one night she falls and breaks her arm. She now depends on Ryann Bird,  the girl responsible for her injury, to help her. Book Description: The Weight of Stars by K. Ancrum is a Lesbian Romance […]

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Strangeways (2020) #71

Emily has been chosen. In a nonviolent invasion of Earth, humans have learned to accept alien presence among them. Though now comes the next part of the invasion as the aliens begin to partner up with humans. Book Description: Strangeways by Addison Cain is a science fiction erotica novel. A short but steamy read at […]

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Interstellar Flight Magazine Best of Year One (2020) #68

Unsure what’s going on in contemporary speculative fiction? Learn about modern voices in genre, both through their own words and criticism. Interstellar Flight Magazine’s first Best of Year One collection covers a wide variety of topics from today’s authors. Book description: Interstellar Flight Magazine Best of Year One was published by Interstellar Flight Press on […]

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Kitra (2020) #67

Riding the air currents on a glider, all nineteen year old Kitra can think of is traveling to the stars. After procuring a spaceship she convinces a group of friends to partake on an epic adventure and the crew of greenies set out to explore the universe. Do they have what it takes to survive […]

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