Interview with Bryan Thao Worra #98

Bryan Thao Worra is the Lao Minnesotan Poet Laureate and president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association. He holds an NEA Fellowship in Literature, a Joyce Award, and over 20 other distinctions for his creative writing. An internationally published author of 8+ books, his current book of poetry is Before We Remember We Dream.

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Interview with R.M. Olson #88

In today’s interview, I have the pleasure to speak with R.M. Olson. Olson has taken the Space Opera genre by storm in 2020 with her series The Ungovernable. She shares insight on planning and writing series, the world of self publishing, and what we can expect to see next in her action packed series.

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Interview With Gus D. Cadle #84

Today, I have the honor before duty, to interview Gus D. Cadle, the author of”Duty Before Honor”. First and foremost, I want to thank Mr. Cadle for sending me a copy of his Panoramic short-story which was excellent. His writing style reminds me of many Forgotten Realms books I read when I was in high school […]

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Interview with Gideon Marcus #79

What was the catalyst for starting Galactic Journey? In today’s interview, which was conducted by my friend Jean-Paul Garnier from Space Cowboy Books, we have the pleasure to introduce you to Gideon Marcus a Hugo Award finalist. He is the author of Kitra, a YA Sci-Fi adventure novel. Furthermore, he has been exploring the world […]

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Interview with Chris Wheat #76

 In today’s interview, I have the pleasure to introduce you to Chris Wheat. He is the author of the science fiction book The Exodus Committee and he has agreed to talk about his book and his life as an author. Chris is a really nice guy that I have been talking with on twitter about […]

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Interview With David Salvi #52

When it comes to David Salvi only good things come to mind. First, he agreed to be a featured guest on my blog a few months ago and offered to send me a paperback version of his book Canaan for me to read, which I absolutely enjoyed. Afterward, I wrote a review, and now he […]

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