Simultaneous Times Vol. 1 (2018) #100

When a couple of sci-fi authors comes together and release an anthology, you can always be sure to be delighted by the depths of their imaginations. Book description: Simultaneous Times Vol.1 is the first in a series of science fiction anthologies from Space Cowboy Books. It is a companion book to the Simultaneous Times podcast […]

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Bone Chase (2020) #99

We’ve all seen those picture on the internet of giant human skeletons, but are they real? In Bone Chase they are, and we are quickly wrapped up into a global network of people who want it to remain a secret. But how do you hide giants and all of the evidence that has been left behind? The Six-Fingered Mafia, and the Council of David have some ideas about that, and are at odds about the future of humankind.

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Interview with Bryan Thao Worra #98

Bryan Thao Worra is the Lao Minnesotan Poet Laureate and president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association. He holds an NEA Fellowship in Literature, a Joyce Award, and over 20 other distinctions for his creative writing. An internationally published author of 8+ books, his current book of poetry is Before We Remember We Dream.

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Sign (2002) #96

Crop circles have been regarded as hoaxes since they begin appearing in our fields. But when they all appeared at the same time in all the countries of the world it could only mean one thing, that it’s the real deal.

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1955) #95

Are your loved ones really who you think they are? What if you stood face to face with a member of your family and couldn’t be sure it was really them? Paranoia sweeps through a small town in California sending people in droves to their doctor for reassurance. At the same time odd tales start to emerge about giant seed pods that have been found near a farm on the edge of town. Are they really from space, and if so why are they here?

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