Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1955) #95

Are your loved ones really who you think they are? What if you stood face to face with a member of your family and couldn’t be sure it was really them? Paranoia sweeps through a small town in California sending people in droves to their doctor for reassurance. At the same time odd tales start to emerge about giant seed pods that have been found near a farm on the edge of town. Are they really from space, and if so why are they here?

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Interview with R.M. Olson #88

In today’s interview, I have the pleasure to speak with R.M. Olson. Olson has taken the Space Opera genre by storm in 2020 with her series The Ungovernable. She shares insight on planning and writing series, the world of self publishing, and what we can expect to see next in her action packed series.

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Reset (2017) #87

What would you do if there were three of you? Could you live in a world where you are not the only you? Xia Tian is about to find out as she tries to save her son from a group of criminals attempting to steal time travel technology from the Nexus corporation. Can she save her son and deal with her other selves?

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The High Crusade (1960) #86

Science fiction and fantasy come together in this classic tale of adventure and traveling to the stars. The middle ages meet the future as blaster meets sword in a cascade of hilarious nonsense. What would English knights do given the chance to meet aliens? Kill them and take over their planets, of course.

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