Robin Rose Graves

About the author:

Not much is known about Robin Rose Graves. Originally spawned on the post-industrial grounds of Buffalo, NY. Theoretically, she could be a writer and a poet. Previous sightings include the Feminist Wire and Simultaneous Times Podcast. If you believe you have witnessed Robin Rose Graves – run – though it may already be too late. All Robin Rose Graves sightings have been recorded on this blog Read it, so that you might be prepare.


Zero Day Threat – Book Review (2020)

Just as Jez Sokolov is about to execute her plan to escape prison, she encounters a remarkably plain looking woman who has an offer to make – her freedom in exchange for accomplishing the impossible.

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We Happy Few – Game Review (2018)
Happiness is a choice! And it can fit in your pill bottle, thanks to the invention of a drug called Joy. Side effects include hallucinations, short term memory loss, addiction. You might find yourself with a lack of morals and easy to be manipulated. You might be unaware of your surroundings, such as existing in a dystopian police state, on the brink of societal collapse.

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Strangeways – Book Review (2020)
Emily has been chosen. In a nonviolent invasion of Earth, humans have learned to accept alien presence among them. Though now comes the next part of the invasion as the aliens begin to partner up with humans.

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